Peat Workshop

Do you like growing plants and at the same time want to do your best for the environment?  If you’ve said yes, two free workshops will be of interest to you.  Taking place on 20 and 22 April, the link between the two workshops is peat.


The first workshop, ‘Digging the Dirt on Peat’, is practical with lots of ideas about growing healthy plants. It will cover alternatives to peat based compost and examples of successful peat free planting. There will be contributions from local garden centres and gardeners. The second workshop, ‘Let Sleeping Bogs Lie’, tells the story of peat, explains why it is vital to leave it in the ground and why peat is so important for tackling climate change. Also featured are the exciting things that are happening at the Great Fen Project and other places in the UK to protect and restore peatland. Perhaps most important, there will be ideas for what we can do to help.


Although linked, the workshops stand alone: you could attend just one but we hope, if you attend the first, you would not want to miss the second. Both workshops use Zoom and both start at 7pm.  They last for an hour and that includes time for question and answers


Sixty six percent of peat sold today is bagged peat bought by ordinary gardeners so some of us are still using it, perhaps unknowingly. That’s one reason why Klimate Concern and Fenland and West Norfolk Friends of the Earth have joined together to put on these workshops.   Another reason is to celebrate Earth Day which is the 22 April. We hope you will join us. To book a place please email: klimateconern2


KLimate Concern is a local non-political organization based in King’s Lynn working to identify, share and promote good practice on reducing our impact on climate change.  . Fenland and West Norfolk FoE is the local branch of Friends of the Earth, part of the international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it.


The event is finished.


Apr 22 2021


7:00 pm - 7:00 pm